My oldest. My Clone. My helper. My life changer.

She is 11, and changes her mind like the weather, just like her ma. I had her when I was 17–on purpose. Maybe I’ll get into that one day, maybe I won’t. But more on Jaelei.

She is a helper, but only on her terms, so if it’s my idea, it’s a no go, but if she thinks of it on her own, she will give her entire heart and soul to the cause. Jaelei is AMAZING at art, much like her aunt and was extremely into it, until the compliments poured in. I had her when I was only 17 and I swear to you on all that I love, parenting her now, is so much harder. Tweens are no joke. I get compliments on her everywhere that I go, and she makes me proud constantly. She cares so much about her siblings and is the definition of a mother hen. She makes the dogs s’mores, so they aren’t left out. The LITERAL definition of a tween.

Funny as hell and a really quick wit and she is so damn good at everything she does, as long as it’s what she wants to do. My entire pregnancy with her, Tim would beg the universe, ‘Please let her look like Tara and have my attitude’, and he got literally the polar opposite. We butt heads often, because we are so, so much alike. However, don’t let that fool you. More than once she has straight up went to bat for me more than a lot of adult friends in my life have. Please know that I do not expect this from her ever, but much like me, she has no filter from brain to mouth. Jaelei amazes me every day with how helpful, kind, and smart she can be. Also amazes me how my entire personality can fit into her small body.

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