DIY Nail Oil

OK SO. Lemme tell you about my nail situation. I was getting LCN Gels for over a year and my nails were SCREWED when I got them taken off. Getting my nails done was a chore and I was done, so when they came off I was relieved to be done with the process (and the $$$!!) but my nails looked like shitttttt to the MAX. SO I did a ton of research on nail hardeners, and it turns out that you don’t WANT your nails to be hard. Hard nails BREAK. My nails were extremely thin from all of the LCNs and were breaking constantly, so I started researching what the heck to do. I’m a crafty bitch so I was going to make some of my own nail oil. Here are the Before & After Photos, along with the recipe and what I did!




Oil Dropper Bottles

These Glass Dropper Bottles, this is what you’re going to MIX everything in. I know you’re like WAIT THAT’S A DAMN MESS GIRL, Just hold up I got you.

JoJoBa Oil

THIS JoJoBa Oil. JoJoBa Oil is CRAZY good for your hair, skin, and nails, so this will go a long way.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil. AGAIN, amazing for your hair, skin, nails, etc.

Vitamin E GEL

Vitamin E GEL. This is KEY HERE. It will thicken the entire thing up so it’s not a hot runny mess. I got this from a YouTube Blogger and I can not remember who, sorry! If you know who, LMK and I’ll add their name here!


I also added some of this Plant Therapy lavender oil, for smell and also it’s just good for you okay NOW HERE WE GO. You’re like oh my God Tara WHAT A MESS. No no no. You need these:

Nail Oil Pens

They are amazing. I keep the nail oil pens EVERYWHERE. Kitchen, Night Stand, Purse, Car, etc etc etc. You add this all to that and it’s portable and amazing.

Ok so now lets get Bill Nye. Drop about 75-80% of the JoJoBa in the glass jar with the lid. Then add like 10-15% Vitamin E Gel, 5-10% Tea Tree Oil and then lavender for smell, or whatever oil you want for smell really. I’m bad at math it’s ok. Mix it all up, just shake it like a Polaroid picture ok. Then take the nail oil pens and fill em up, stash them everywhere. Now put the gel on your cuticles, all around your nail, on your nail, and UNDER your nail. Rub it in all nice. It dries SUPER quickly I promise. Then repeat all day. Seriously whenever you think to do it, DO IT! If you use this and like it, LET ME KNOW!!! <3

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Light Seeker

I didn’t touch my camera for a year. And before that? It was about once per month, I’d pick it up, click a few things, hate it, and then not touch it again. I didn’t do what I am most passionate about because I hated every single thing that I shot. Why? Because I wasn’t shooting enough. Do you see the circle?

I was so stuck in this circle. I want to be a better photographer right now. Screw working at it, I want it right now. Needless to say, that was really wrong. I would make every single excuse in the world why I didn’t pick up my camera. I didn’t have the right gear. I couldn’t get to my camera in time. It wouldn’t come out how I wanted it to. Who cares what I am shooting anyway? I just wanted it to magically be better and be where I wanted to be without putting int the time. How fuckin ridiculous….?

2018 is my year of not caring–but in a good way. I don’t care if people like what I’m shooting, or if it’s good enough, or if I am as good as Jane Doe. There is no more comparing myself, and just shooting daily for 10 days I’m seeing changes in myself, my confidence, and I’m getting my passion back for what I have loved for years. It feels¬†so good about it and my heart is so full. All I have ever wanted to do is capture my kids lives, and all of the tiny moments that we forget too quickly.

Some images I will love, some images I will hate, but it will just go hand in hand with getting better. I shot my favorite image of all time the other night, and I couldn’t be happier. If you’re reading this and haven’t picked up your camera in a while? Do it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018…

2017 was a great year for my family. We had our last baby, paid off a ton of debt, and went through so many changes. Gained new friends, lost some fakes.

Leaving LLR was one of the hardest thing I have done, that business was my baby. I loved (most) of my customers and for the first time I felt like I had worth. I loved my team, I loved the live sales, I loved paying off my debt, I loved all of it. It was literally the first time I felt like I was worth a damn. Every goal I set, I hit it. It was friggin life changing for me.

However, I completely lost myself. I hadn’t touched my camera in a year, and photography is my heart and soul I had been working hard before this to try to get better as a photographer and I had not touched the one thing I loved most because I was dumping 100% of me into my business. There was no family birthday party for my kids. I had not sewn anything and that is another thing I absolutely love. I had lost touch with my kids and my husband. Yet NONE of this was the final straw that made me leave.

About a week before my birthday I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I have said for YEARS I do not want to be pregnant into my 30’s. If I wasn’t pregnant before my 29th birthday, I was going to get my tubes tied, and wouldn’t you know, a surprise positive DAYS before my birthday. That was the final straw. My anxiety while being pregnant was beyond out of control and I knew for a fact this was my last baby, which was later confirmed DURING my C-Section when I had a “giant hole” in my uterus. I needed to be done, and I shut down my shop. It killed me, it really did. 7 months later, I miss it. Walking away was something I’ll forever question.

All hell broke loose in my ‘friends’ life when I left. At that time, it felt like my world was crashing down around me and it continued to stop me from doing things I loved, like this Blog. I locked down my Facebook, and stopped writing here, because why the hell would I fuel the fires of people talking about me? But this year? I’m done with that.


This year, is the year for me. I am turning 30 this year, I can medically no longer have kids, which was pretty devastating for me. I was told flat out, I will die. Period. I’ve been pregnant and having babies since I was 16 years old. What now? Who am I now? This year is going to be for me re-discovering who I am, hell, figuring it out all together. I am going to become the Photographer I know I can be. Keep on being the mom I know I am. Become the best wife that I can be and fall in love with my husband again. My health is going to be a priority, and I’m very likely going to start a new business. I am going to take pictures every day, craft more, travel, and learn to love myself. I am completely done giving a fuck what other people think, and I am going to live for what makes me happy, and what is best for my family and myself, and it’s all going to be documented here. Less social medial, more face time. No more saying yes to shit I hate. Fear is not going to stop me from doing a damn thing. Here’s to a new year!

How to Plan the BEST Staycation Ever!

If you know me, you know I’m all about the travel. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, so Staycations are where it’s at! Wether it be due to finances, work, prior obligations, the weather, whatever. So I’m basically a pro at planning both staycations, and day trips! This post will guide you on how to plan the best staycation ever!

Decide how far you wanna drive…

This can change based on SO many factors. Are you going for a day trip? How many kids do you have with you and how old are they? I like to start with about an hour in any direction and then go from there. But seriously, adding 30 minutes really broadens your horizons on things to do and places to go. ALSO remember your drive home. In my case, more than once it’s been with over exhausted kids and at rush hour. Bad plan. Trust.

Consider investing in a hotel for the night!

If you are on a budget, this might be the last thing on your list or the first thing you want to cut, but hear me out. If you are going somewhere with a water park, or have little ones, highly recommend splurging for a room for the night. It doesn’t have to be expensive, especially with bed sharing like a slumber party and deals online. If you get a hotel for the night it also opens up your travel capacity since you don’t have to worry about the drive home. A hotel will also make it feel a bit more like a vacation versus a staycation.

Post in Town Specific Facebook groups!

Search the name of the town or towns you have decided to travel to. Search the specific town name, the towns around it, and the county names. More often than not there are Facebook groups associated with the specific places and you can get tons of information there on local hidden gems. Ask what the best parts of their area are, the best places to eat, where they like to go for day trips, etc. You will get so much more information this way versus a random Google search.

Check TONS of Travel Sites.

You’d do this when going further away, check it for local places as well! Places like Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook ratings,¬†Open Table (for restaurants) and straight up Google Reviews are the way to go. But please, do yourself a favor and read the reviews. I’ve seen great places be discounted because it rained that day. Or because a person wasn’t a senior and couldn’t get the senior discount. Read MANY reviews, on MANY sites! keep your options open!

Make a List with Multiple Options!

Will the weather change that day? Will your kids suddenly hate water? Will it take way longer than you anticipated or way less? Will the food be awful? Will it actually be lame? Who knows. Have multiple options of where you can go, and also jot down a small note of how are apart they are from both your original location and your home! Also write down the hours that they are open! On this list I also like to write down the addresses of any restaurants I want to try, and places where I can get things quick, like CVS/Walmart/etc.

Pack and Plan like You’re Really Going on a Vacation!

ESPECIALLY if you have kiddos with you. Extra outfits? Check. Snacks? Check. Lovey for the way home? Check. All of it. Way better to be over prepared than under prepared, trust me on this one. Plan your trip, truly plan your trip! This will ensure for a way easy, fun day.

So where are you going?! I want to hear all about it!

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