Just Start…

How long can I look at a blinking cursor for? Why do I always have a problem beginning anything new? Just Start. 

I have always had a hard time just starting things and have been looking at a blank screen for quite literally days which can can easily turn into weeks for me. I have so many ideas to share and I am always terrified of both failing, and not being good enough. It has stopped me from doing so many things. SO many things. I don’t want to do something unless it’s perfect, and if it’s not perfect then why am I even bothering? Why can’t I just start?

Actual photo of me right now: 

I took a big risk to do this blogging thing, I left something I was really, really good at. I mean, really friggin good. I had a hard time leaving still I started asking myself questions. Could this be my passion? Did it make my heart sing? Was it good for my soul? No. So it was time to leave. Clearly. Moving onto something new was not easy for me, at all. Just start.

But this? This is good for my soul. I have dreamed about having a blog for years. A way to document my life, my projects, my family, our adventures, to have a place to vent–all of it. So here we go. My family. Our love, our life.

Fear is something that has stopped me for so long, and I absolutely refuse to let it anymore. Today is the day I’m done. I’m not going to suck, I’m not going to fail. So I can officially scratch ‘first post’ off the list. I am a mom, a wife, and an artist, who loves cooking, and crafting. I curse way too much, love too much, think too much, over all I’m too much. Extra to the max. All of that is what makes me, me. So let’s go. Just start.

Do you have a hard time with this? Tell me about it here.