A Bagel Changed My Life…

Yes, a bagel changed my life. Set the path for my entire life. Hear me out.

I am a huge, huge believer in everything happening for a reason. I mean leaves falling from trees, major break ups, tragic events, everything. I truly believe this to the bottom of my soul, with all of my heart. It all leads you some way for a reason, and my favorite example of this is how I met Tim. The series of events that had to occur is just flat out ridiculous, I’ve been told more than once, and am inclined to agree.

So let’s go back, way back to high school. I was a 15 year old asshole. I was being extremely rude to a girl because she was rude first, (high school) and her friend tried to fight me. However, I made her laugh. And we became best friends. Probably my first best friend in my life. Let’s call her Kristen cause that’s her name. Anyway. One day in the gym class we shared, Kristen wanted a bagel. Did I want a bagel? You bet your booty I did. So I cut my next class to meet her friend Matt, to bring us bagels.

Que Matt showing up with the bagels. Matt was cute. Matt was 29. Did I care? No. New life goal was to date him. Looking back now? I’d beat my ass if I were my own kid. But I totally lied to my mom about his age and we started dating. Things were fun, easy, cool. I lived across the street from an elementary school and my friends and I asked Matt to meet us over there one night, so he said sure sure but had to find a ride. He didn’t drive. Ok cool. So Matt was friends with a girl named Summer. Summer was dating a kid named Tim, and Tim was going to give him a ride. Cool. (See where this is going?)

So Matt calls me and tells me on his way and tells me his buddy Tim was going to give him a ride over. And I swear. On everything I love.¬†A voice in my head said ‘That’s who you are going to marry’. (That same voice that told me to go to the hospital with Timothy the day I had him) I’m like wow self, you’re insane. So Tim drops Matt off at the park, and Tim says, I gotta run, I’m going to put roses on my girlfriends car for when she gets out of work…..I melted. That was it for me.

Tim started showing up to the Pizza place I worked at and would tip me ridiculous amounts, and broke up with his girlfriend. We all started hanging out more as a group. Tim, Matt, and Summer were hanging out one night and Tim asked Matt for my phone number. And Matt gave it to him.¬†Full stop. I swear, this happened. This gutsy move pretty much sealed the deal for me, but I didn’t tell anyone that. In the mean time my grandmother actually figured out how old Matt was, and demanded I break up with him. She’s a small Italian woman and terrifying, so I did obviously. You would too!

After that, Tim and I lived happily ever after, the end. JK. I made him chase me for months, and then I gave in. This man got me out of a less than ideal situation, I got pregnant with Jaelei, we were young. We struggled for years. Years. And through it all this man loved me. He loved me hard. Tim was the first person to accept me fully, love me fully, stand by my side fully, and has never left. Honest to God he is the best person I have ever met in my entire life, and you wouldn’t believe how often I hear it from others. And I’m always like girl I KNOW.

So the point here, is say yes to bagels. HA not really. The point here, is please, trust in the universe that every damn thing in your life happens for a reason. Everything. No matter where you are at in your life right now, trust that the Universe/God/Buddha/Whatever you choose to believe in will lead you to where you need to be, I promise you.

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