5 Totally Simple Photo Projects

These 5 Totally Simple Photo Projects, are not only simple, but you’ll want to do them! They are an easy way to create a photo project that will catch your daily life and family memories and they are easy to work into your every day life with things you already do and equipment you already have!  I’ve done all of them personally, and I promise they’re all simple. I’ve attempted and failed at far, far too many photo projects to count! Some were way too far fetched, others required me to leave the house (pass), some required me to shoot daily, on and on, just too much.

You will be able to document your every day life, your families memories without any arguments from the kids. And you can start right now!

         One Spot

Truly, that simple. Pick one spot in your house, just one. I did this with my Hallway for a year. It has horrible light, but that’s where my kids were, constantly, so it was an obvious choice for me. Where does your family gravitate? Do you have a spot with unbelievable light? Which spot in your house is typically clutter free? And then whenever my kids were in that spot, I shot a few images. Some days they were all keepers, some days I got none, but that’s okay. It allowed me to capture them for a year where they evolved, and grew, without going out of their comfort zone, or mine.

When they’re not looking…

I really, really despise cheesy photography. I’m not taking about cheesy like tacky, corny, whatever, I’m talking about stop, pose, CHEESE kind of photos. I’ve recently started this project myself and it is my absolute favorite that I’ve done, and probably the most simple. I simply shoot my kids when they’re not looking. I plan to show them the photos at the end of the year, which I think should be pretty epic, because they have no idea about the project. My kids have a bad case of ‘Photographers Kid’ syndrome and I have a real hard time getting them to take any nice photos. So I just stopped trying, and do it this way now. So far? It’s love!

Pick a color, any color.

And make your primary focal point in your image, in every image. It sounds simple enough but it will really make a huge impact when it’s all put together as one large photography project, wether it’s on Facebook or in a book you print when you’re finished. Simple right? Even if in your editing, you add the same tone, it’ll all come together in a way that’ll make it cohesive in the end!

Lovey Dovey

Does your kid have a lovey? Or just a favorite toy? Find ways to sneak it into your photos for this project. Maybe the lovey even goes on adventures or does things when your kids are at school or away from it. Catch them with it naturally, and you can practice your posing as well. It’s so simple, but again, will make a cohesive project that will come together at the end.

Let them dress…themselves!

I swear when I do my kids photos, finding their outfits takes me longer than actual photo taking process. Most days my kids are not matching, at all, or something I’d ever put on them in real life, but that is who they are! I’ve started capturing my kids as they are, and it’s really been a game changer for me. It’s been DIFFICULT to let go of the perfect kid looking perfect but I am absolutely in love with the images that allow themselves to express themselves as they are.


So what do you think? Easy right? These are hands down the easiest way to catch what your kids are like in their truest form growing up! I’d love to see images you create with these projects! Send them to me here!


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