Gracelyn Louise. I figure we should get acquainted right? I’m going to start with my youngest, her name is Gracelyn, but we call her Gracie. Or Grace. Or Poodle. Or Mama Bear.

She is 2.5 and the feistiest girl on the block. She will fight you and then kiss your booboo. She will yell at you while telling you not to yell…She loves animals more than people just like her mama. Her best friend is her Daddy and she will have no issues telling you that. 

I had to heavily bribe her to get these pictures because she isn’t interested in standing still and taking photos, she wants to be going and doing, constantly.

“Let’s go catch those cars mommy!” (firm pass.)

Do not even consider asking her to stand still, for the even 1/250th of a second.

She needs to be part of the action She lives for adventure. We live in the country and have acres, why not let them explore it? We recently got not one but two go karts. And hands down, this is her new favorite activity. I was only able to score the above pics because she was working her way out to the Polaris to try to convince her Daddy to take her on a ride.


Which of course, she got, because I mean look at her face. But mostly because she’s like her mama and she gets what she wants 😉

Gracie is currently my youngest, my feistiest and my funniest. She says things on the daily that blow my mind and make me wonder where the hell she got it from. More like me than I ever could have imagined, and she brings the funny into our daily lives.

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