3 Fave Apps for iPhone Photos!

I swear to you, I have downloaded more iPhone apps specifically for photos than any other kind of app, and these are my 3 fave apps for iPhone Photos! Probably because I’m addicted to photography and the new new. I’ve spent money, and I’ve downloaded free ones, like literally hundreds. THESE apps are GOLDEN. You want them. They are easy to use, which I’m telling you some are harder than Photoshop and ain’t nobody got time for that. Let’s dive right in!

Word Swag 

1st fave app

Yes girl yes lemme tell you. I learned about this app through some friends of mine and I promise it’s amazing. You can type your text over your image, or over one of their stock images and change it based on the font/color without having to re-type it 150 times. Super user friendly and makes really cute stuff. It’s $4.99 and absolutely worth every penny. Here are two completely different examples, so you can see the versatility of the app.









Pic Stitch 

2nd fave app

Out of ALL the apps I’ve downloaded I swear I’ve downloaded more collage apps than ANYTHING. I’ve paid lots and this free one is the BEST of them all. They do have a ton of in app purchase options, and I have purchased more collages, worth it. Just drag and drop, easy peasy. Even allows for super simple re-sizing! This app is so ridiculously fast. I threw together this collage from my husbands birthday dinner the other night is legit less than 20 seconds. The other is a fave of mine which is a completely unedited photo of me and Timothy.


Fuzel Collage 

My most favorite of them ALL. This app is adorable. I use it ALL the time for some cute finishing touches on my photos. They have one ZILLION options to add on and are constantly coming out with more. You purchase credits and then buy packs of ‘stickers’ to add on, but they’re seriously beyond adorable and have them for every occasion. I use them on everything. They also give you the option to earn free credit with photo challenges, and they’re fun, and it’s a great way to learn how to use the app, tho it’s already pretty simple. The possibilities with this app are literally endless.


Thoughts?! Which ones do you like? I’d love to hear your thoughts and see what you do with these apps! Contact me here!

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