DIY Nail Oil

OK SO. Lemme tell you about my nail situation. I was getting LCN Gels for over a year and my nails were SCREWED when I got them taken off. Getting my nails done was a chore and I was done, so when they came off I was relieved to be done with the process (and the $$$!!) but my nails looked like shitttttt to the MAX. SO I did a ton of research on nail hardeners, and it turns out that you don’t WANT your nails to be hard. Hard nails BREAK. My nails were extremely thin from all of the LCNs and were breaking constantly, so I started researching what the heck to do. I’m a crafty bitch so I was going to make some of my own nail oil. Here are the Before & After Photos, along with the recipe and what I did!




Oil Dropper Bottles

These Glass Dropper Bottles, this is what you’re going to MIX everything in. I know you’re like WAIT THAT’S A DAMN MESS GIRL, Just hold up I got you.

JoJoBa Oil

THIS JoJoBa Oil. JoJoBa Oil is CRAZY good for your hair, skin, and nails, so this will go a long way.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil. AGAIN, amazing for your hair, skin, nails, etc.

Vitamin E GEL

Vitamin E GEL. This is KEY HERE. It will thicken the entire thing up so it’s not a hot runny mess. I got this from a YouTube Blogger and I can not remember who, sorry! If you know who, LMK and I’ll add their name here!


I also added some of this Plant Therapy lavender oil, for smell and also it’s just good for you okay NOW HERE WE GO. You’re like oh my God Tara WHAT A MESS. No no no. You need these:

Nail Oil Pens

They are amazing. I keep the nail oil pens EVERYWHERE. Kitchen, Night Stand, Purse, Car, etc etc etc. You add this all to that and it’s portable and amazing.

Ok so now lets get Bill Nye. Drop about 75-80% of the JoJoBa in the glass jar with the lid. Then add like 10-15% Vitamin E Gel, 5-10% Tea Tree Oil and then lavender for smell, or whatever oil you want for smell really. I’m bad at math it’s ok. Mix it all up, just shake it like a Polaroid picture ok. Then take the nail oil pens and fill em up, stash them everywhere. Now put the gel on your cuticles, all around your nail, on your nail, and UNDER your nail. Rub it in all nice. It dries SUPER quickly I promise. Then repeat all day. Seriously whenever you think to do it, DO IT! If you use this and like it, LET ME KNOW!!! <3

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